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Be Comfortable But Still Smashing With Leilani Swimwear

Leilani swimwear designs are not only functional and comfortable; they also make you look smashing.

There are a lot of bathing suits in the market that smashingly look good, but they require constant fixing, adjusting and retying. Some designs are also too tight or too clingy that the wearer has to hold her breath or suck her stomach in every time she stands or walks to hide bulges in the tummy area.

These fixing and breath holding reduce one’s confidence and cut down the level of enjoyment and adventure at the beach.

It is in this area where Leilani swimwear designers excel. The material, the stitching, the straps and all other elements of women’s tankinis work together to keep the wearer comfortable but still looks smashing.

Leilani swimwear designs for ladies use the interplay of colors between the tankini bottoms and tops to give off a one-piece swim wear look. The unified look is achieved by the use of one color or one type of prints for both the top and the bottom or by combining the top with a brief that matches the strongest color of the tankini top.

Leilani Shake It Up Bandeau Tankini

This Leilani beachwear features a halter top that gathers at the chest area to give a functional and decorative support to the breasts. 

Many ladies who have tried this tankini have lauded how the tankini top fits and how it does not slip throughout the day despite the lack of functional straps and underwire. The halter strap is purely for embellishment.

The tropical prints give off a fresh and clean feeling and flatter the figure. The beach wear is 80-percent nylon and 20-percent spandex.

Leilani Good Vibration Tiki Tie Tankini

This Leilani swimwear design features a halter top that supports the bust with a built-in underwire and that ties around the neck. The halter is cleverly designed so that folds naturally flow from the central bust area, smartly camouflaging any bulges in the tummy area.

The prints on the tankini which consist of aqua prints and darker shades of leaves and flowers also help in smartly covering the tummy.

The bottom is a brief with similar prints and with side ties that also provide additional but lovely covering to the thigh area.

The beachwear is also 80-percent nylon and 20-percent spandex.

Leilani Tiny Bubbles Apron Halterkini

This Leilani swimwear consists of a halter top with small black prints on a whitish background and a black high-cut brief. The horizontal bindings on the halter top break the monotony of the black prints and add impact to the tankini.

The buckle on the straps and the cups that are sized just right show off the cleavage.

Leilani’s lines of swimsuits also include various types of bandeaukini and halterkini for women and beach shorts for men.

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